Crumb Rubber Safety Studies

Why Crumb Rubber is Safe

Crumb Rubber has been used for more than a century and its use provides an environmentally beneficial means for dealing with the more than 280 million waste tires generated every year in the United States.

Products made from recycled tire Crumb Rubber are an everyday part of our daily lives where you find them in our homes, schools, parks, daycare centers, shopping malls, health care centers, gyms, offices and manufacturing plants.  And although tires are manufactured with chemicals that could be potentially harmful to humans, recycled tire Crumb Rubber derived products have been Extensively Studied and the study's have consistently determined it to be safe.

200,000 children are injured on America's playgrounds every year.  To protect our children you need a quality fall surfacing for playground fall protection. EMC Molding's safety surfacing is the best protective surfacing.

Crumb Rubber Safety Studies

 BAS Recycling:  Crumb Rubber Safety Guide

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 - Rubber Manufacturers Association:  Review of the Human Health & Ecological Safety of Exposure to Recycled Tire Rubber found at Playgrounds ans Synthetic Turf Fields.

Additional Research

Synthetic Turf is one of the largest users of crumb rubber material.  Due to the large scale of the synthetic turf market a significant scientific effort has been made to study the safety of both the turf and the crumb rubber infill.  You can find additional studies that have examined all aspects of crumb rubber and artificial turf safety in the resources section of the Synthetic Turf Council website.