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Workout Rooms

Workout & Excerise Rubber Flooring

Gym Tiles

Our interlocking rubber tiles are designed for comfort and safety.  They create a durable, slip resistant and soft surface for all of your activities.  Perfect for workout room rubber tile, excersise room rubber flooring, fitness center rubber mats and home gym rubber flooring.

You can count on our extremely resilient tiles to provide the shock absorption and grip needed for better, safer work outs all while being sure that your flooring and equipment will be protected.

Rubber Mats Flooring

Protecting your floors, equipment and clientele requires a highly resilient and durable material.  Recylced rubber scrap tires are an excellent raw material for creating a highly durable and yet attractive rubber floor.  Whether you need a simple black protective surfacing for free weight work outs or a highly attractive multi colored surface for you exercise room, EMC SportPlay has the product to meet your needs.

Workout Room Rubber Tiles

Rubber tile flooring should be easy to install and easy to maintain.  EMC SportPlay requires only basic cleaning with a vacuum or mop.  The rubber tiles are completely inorganic so you never have to worry about you floor harboring bacteria.  The rubber tiles are also easily installed with either a glue down or pinned application method.  Ease of installation, ease of use. Demand nothing less from your supplier.

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