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Crumb Rubber Research

Crumb Rubber Studies

As stewards of our environment we are committed to staying at the forefront of industry knowledge about the safe collection, recycling and reuse of scrap tires. The many benefits derived from this recycling stream allow for the innovative creation of products found in our everyday lives.  From Playground Tiles to Rubber Pavers or Rubber Deck Tiles to Landscape Mulch, recycled tire rubber is used to make a meaningful impact in our homes and our communities.

Styrene Butadiene Rubber

Tires are engineered to withstand the rigors of driving and as such contain many chemicals used during their manufacture.  Through the marvels of science we have been able to create a better performing, longer lasting tire made from synthetic materials that reduce our need to consume our natural resources while providing a safer, better performing ride.  Many questions have arisen from the use of these synthetic materials regarding the health and safety of their reuse in tire derived products made from recycled tires.  


The chemical vulcanization and cross linking of polymers that enables these synthetic materials to be formed into tires that perform under the most harsh conditions also limits the bio availability of these chemical compounds keeping them inert and is ultimately the reason why SBR rubber is so durable and takes lifetimes to breakdown naturally.

There have been dozens of studies examining the health and safety of using recycled tire productions in many applications including playgrounds, sports fields, landscape, civil engineering and pavement construction.  Some will argue that any each of these studies contains "data gaps" that limit their applicability to addressing health and safety concerns.  But when taken together, the entire body of works provides a very comprehensive look at the potential health implications of using recycled tire products these varying types of projects.  NONE of the bodies of work have ever identified a link to cancer or even provided the slightest suggestion that one may exist.  

Health and Safety

These studies have consistently found that the use of tire derived products causes no elevated health risk through contact with the materials, ingestion of the materials or from breathing vapors from off gassing of these materials.  Numerous studies have also examined the potential for heavy metal leaching into ground water supplies and have found that the level of leaching is so small it poses no elevated risk.

We present the following research for your review.  

Crumb Rubber Research


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