Rubber Flooring Paver Tiles

Enhanced comfort and beauty with our eco-friendly rubber tile pavers

Our architectural rubber paving floor tiles transform hard floors and surfaces into attractive, slip-resistant, comfortable areas – perfect for daycare centers, churches, shopping malls, utility areas, walkways, garages and around swimming pools.

Enjoy underfoot comfort with our indoor or outdoor rubber floor tiles that are slip-resistant and made from 100% recycled rubber – the perfect eco-friendly alternative to traditional flooring.

Create a beautiful, comfortable, protective rubber floor for all of your residential and commercial environments. Our rubber mats are available in half-inch or three-quarter-inch thickness to accommodate low thresholds and minimize transition heights.

Paver Tile rubber floor mats are available in a variety of colors and patterns to satisfy all of your aesthetic needs.

Better Quality, More Choice – The EMC edge

  • Smooth, dense and shock absorbent for more support and satisfaction
  • Skid resistant –  wet  and dry
  • Easy installation with modular design – fully-adhered or floating applications over concrete, asphalt, wood decking or compact stone
  • Easy maintenance – requires only basic cleaning with a vacuum, broom or standard garden hose
  • Non toxic and certified 100% steel free
  • Eco-friendly – molded from 100% post-consumer waste tires, each tile diverts up to 1 tire from our landfills