Equi Tile Rubber Flooring

Enhanced cushion and better traction with Equi-Tile

Our equestrian safety rubber tiles transform traditional flooring into fatigue-free, safe surfaces to protect your horses and livestock. Equine rubber flooring is perfect for barns, wash racks, stables, breezeways and more.

Provide unmatched safety and comfort for your horses and livestock. Made from 100% recycled rubber, these one-inch thick, interlocking rubber tiles provide a slip-resistant, anti-fatigue surface when wet or dry. Choose this superior, eco-friendly alternative to traditional flooring materials for better cushion and traction, all while reducing injury and bedding costs. Attractive color choices with a flat top or brick top pattern to fit your design requirements.

Better Quality, More Choice – The EMC edge

  • Superior design - Exceptionally durable and resilient; water permeable and fast drying to prevent rot and insects
  • Slip resistant –  wet  and dry
  • Easy installation with modular design – fully-adhered or floating applications for barns, wash racks, stables, breezeways and a other traffic areas
  • Safe - Non toxic and certified 100% steel free
  • Eco-friendly – molded from 100% post-consumer waste tires, each tile diverts up to 1 tire from our landfills
  • Easy maintenance – requires only basic cleaning with a vacuum, broom or standard garden hose
  • Long Lasting - water permeable and fast drying. Won’t rot, decompose or attract insects